Why I removed my relevant contents from the web

Meanwhile, LinkedIn contacts are welcome to request access to my blog, writing me a private message, providing an e-mail. I will be happy to sent credentials.

I recently decided to remove all my contents from the public web. Some and new stuff will be moved to this personal blog, accessible to a restricted audience and limited trusted network only.

There are many reasons for that. Firstly the Italian Agile landscape is nowadays mainly populated by questionable individuals that have no interest in learning or sharing knowledge, only in selling others work (or using others work to sell their missing value proposition). But I do not want expand on that, time is an honourable man, after all.

Secondly meaning, intent and purpose are easily to get corrupted when people over simplify things.

Thirdly on internet is easy to produce an huge amount of bullshit and this link us to the bullshit asimmetry:

The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it – Alberto Brandolini

On social media people validate and amplify their idiocy in small communities. The echo chamber effect is usually triggered with an individual affected by Dunning-Kruger cognitive distortion that usually publish a post on LinkedIn suddenly amplified by others unconscious incompetence backed up by reductionism and simplification.

Now, given the Brandolini’s law, debunking bullshit, false myths and dangerous narratives takes time. It can of course provide a lot of food for thoughts but a limited set of characters (LinkedIn, Twitter) is not enough.

Among these there are many friends and colleagues that helped me to grow, learn, and research during last years. We failed, experimented, sweated, put ourselves into play and came up with things, courses, frameworks and tools too.

So the intent of this blog is to share and co-create knowledge and stuff with subscribers, debunking agility and management related bullshit providing arguments (this implies an extensive use of words), meanwhile I am working on HR related projects and new exclusive trainings that I hope to launch soon. A final word regarding friends, ex-colleagues, colleagues and future colleagues, that I hope they will be part of this and other projects in the near future.

By the way I will proactively send blog access to all the people I trust, admire, respect and still learn from. I believe in feedback, co-creation, mutual learning and there are many professionals between my connections from whom I can learn tons of things.

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